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January 2021 | Webinar

Virtual Training for Virtual Teaching

Remote learning is becoming the norm. There are ways to pivot your instruction and adjust to ensure it's effective, engaging and fun.


Time & Location

January 5 & 19


About the Event

Part of the Monthly Trainings on Topics that Matter series with Executive Coach Roberta Cocco. This month's topics include:


  • Student engagement and participation: Building engagement, clarity and strong communication skills that eliminate confusion, increase participation and save time. 

  • Support and training for yourself in your current role: Learn to utilize the obstacles and challenges to manage change or disruption effectively. Work through 3 ways to increase your effectiveness during virtual meetings.

  • Manage personal stress and fatigue: Learn techniques to manage stress for yourself and your classrooms. Learning to pivot away from habits that hold you back and generate new strategies for success and momentum. 


Roberta Cocco is an Executive Coach who has worked with leaders and teams in the United States and internationally for over ten years. Her unique experience and background allows her to navigate people’s stories, inviting them to recognize habits and patterns that have been getting in their way and by exploring powerful principles realize they can create new narratives to live into. Her clients create results that thrill them changing the trajectory of their lives, business and relationships.




Register for each month separately at $89/month groups of 10 or more can email for a special discount.

Register to Attend

Information for the upcoming class, including the Zoom link will be sent to the email address used in Paypal.

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