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Wednesdays at 12 - 1:15pm EST 

Suzanne is a lifelong, serious yoga lover and Tennessee's only officially authorized Freedom Yoga teacher. Freedom Yoga is a style that teaches you the rules and then how to break the rules to be fully creative in your practice. Suzanne teaches students of all levels of athletic ability and interests, and of all ages. She enjoys working with people in bigger bodies, and is nonjudgmental about where you are at in your health. She loves to help people learn to use yoga to heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She has been personally mentored by Erich Schiffmann, founder of Freedom Yoga, and assisted him at workshops. 


Create strong habits that will transform your mindset and deepen your practice. Each week your cohort will move through both yoga and mindfulness trainings that can deepen your resolve to create the life you long to create.

Week 1

Transformation happens over time in small steps, not giant leaps. You will learn how to stop 'learning' and start transforming your life

Week 2

Resilience enables you to recover quickly and navigate change. You will look at how setting up rhythms and choosing to be intentional in little things can have a big impact. 

week 3

Stability: When life throws things at us unexpectedly, we can anchor into our strength and chose a stable and sustaining practice even in the midst of chaos.

week 4

Value: Notice when, how and why you avoid, in order to increase your engagement, there by increasing your results and satisfaction. What you value matters and it effects your performance.

week 5

Creating a clear vision for your life, business and relationships is important. Learn how to do it and why it needs be thrilling. 

weeks 6-12 

Topics Include

Create deep new habits explore: 

Intentional Reflection  Comfort vs Growth 

Recognizing Your Strengths

What Stops Action

How You Listen Matters

Why You Love to Be Vague

Roadblocks by Choice

More, Better & Different

The Change You Want

Re-Write Your Story

Celebrating the Shifts

Wednesdays at 12-1:15pm

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