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Yoga at Home

Positioned for Mindfulness is the exact thing I needed to start this year on a positive note! It's safe and welcoming space introduced me to the value of intentional reflection. It's challenging me and giving me the tools to achieve.

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I have learned a lot about myself with regard to my thoughts and my misconceptions, and also about my strengths, soul and community.  Working in a sacred space to dive deep is very empowering.

Yoga Practice

Self-discovery is amazing. I keep learning more and more and at first it scared me. Now I can’t wait to see what’s next. I was able to slow down this week and not react. I chose how I was going to show up in a conversation and it made all the difference.




You will be able to notice how you position yourself to challenges, difficult conversations and feelings of overwhelm. Developing new disciplines you will learn to bring value into every experience without judgement and acknowledge your strength and other's in new ways.


Intentionally designed, this course allows you to apply in real-time, the insights you create in every class. You will determine the next necessary steps to move you forward in your personal and professional development.

The powerful training on proven principles, the opportunity to move your body and honor your health and the intentional community are essential in today's rapid and continued disruptions.


Each of the 12-week classes include a 25-minute yoga or fitness routine, designed to break up your day, inspire movement and create momentum toward a more healthy life-style. A private facebook group will also be offered to continue the connections, support and encouragement throughout the week.

Meet The Team

Pick the Cohort that fits Your Schedule 

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Yoga Instructor

Tuesdays 7-8:15am 

March 16 - June 1

Business professional. self-help junkie, fashion-loving, mother, wife, sister, friend and leader



Yoga Instructor

Tuesdays 10-11:15am 

March 16- June 1 

Yoga mentor and guide, truth-teller, wave-rider, silver-lining finder, boy mom

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Yoga Instructor

Wednesdays 12-1:15pm 

March 17 - June 2 

Business professional, creative, mentor, enjoys the journey, rule-breaker, freedom finder, mother, friend

Each Cohort is led by

Roberta Cocco

Performance Coach

Every week Roberta Cocco will train for 25-minutes on a powerful principle proven to create transformation and designed to develop new disciplines.

  • Creating a space for you to engage and workshop your next necessary steps that will move you forward.

Each class also includes a 25-minute gentle yoga or fitness routine.

  • This is designed to connect you to your body and honor your movement and health.

Additionally your cohort will learn to practice the art of acknowledgements with a 10-minute guided session.

  • Strong communities are built when people learn to see and celebrate themselves and others in powerful, positive ways.

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12-week Course




OF $199

Full payments thru PayPal

ACH Monthly options available


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