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Tuesday's Beginning in January | Online Event

Recover & Reignite


This 4-month program is open to a maximum of 5-people. You will experience training and individual coaching around how to: Enhance Engagement, Bridge Differences and Drive Productivity. Remote work, virtual meetings and changing priorities have disrupted the norms personally and professionally. Create strong habits and develop the necessary skills to move into and through 2021 with momentum and intention.

Get Shit Done

Time & Location

Groups will meet at 7am or 7pm EST for 4-months, on the first 3-Tuesday's in January, February, March & April

About the Event

Now more than ever it is essential that we maximize our resources, create community and find ways to innovate and experiment. 

  • Space is limited

  • Only 2 groups will be offered

  • We will meet 3 times a month as a group for both training and individual coaching

  • Each session will last 75 minutes

  • Additionally, each member will receive 2-individual 60-minute coaching sessions  

Each Group session will include a 20 minute training on powerful principles that create transformation.

Group members will be given prep work each week and come prepared to experience one-on-one coaching for the vision and goals they are committed to.


Training Topics will include:

Enhance Engagement and Elevate Clarity

  • Recognize what is in the way of transforming your current reality

  • Explore and learn Methods to Manage Stress and Fatigue

  • Create stabilizing muscles around being the best version of yourself

  • Learn how to increase engagement and participation: First in yourself - then in your team 


Bridge Differences​

  • Notice your own bias and challenge patterns of unhelpful thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Learn to maximize your time by identifying and creating value in any situation

  • Learn how to model effective communication and invite interaction that builds trust and increases productivity

  • Listen in ways that deepen understanding and empower yourself and your team


Drive Productivity

  • Confront issues that you’ve been avoiding by seeing them as opportunities to deepen understanding

  • Recognize the stories you believe that are getting in your way of finding unity and support

  • Communicate with intention and create the results you want


Roberta Cocco is an Executive Coach who has worked with leaders and teams in the United States and internationally for over ten years. Her unique experience and background allows her to navigate people’s stories, inviting them to recognize habits and patterns that have been getting in their way and by exploring powerful principles realize they can create new narratives to live into. Her clients create results that thrill them changing the trajectory of their lives, business and relationships.




Payment options available at $200/month

Email for group rates.

Register to Attend:

Schedule a 30 minute call to answer and questions and ensure you are a fit for this opportunity

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