The Power of Coaching

Create stabilizing muscles that allow you to navigate disruption and rapid change with energy and confidence.

Meet Roberta Cocco

Roberta works with individuals, leaders of organizations and teams who are looking to be extraordinary. She creates a powerful space for people to ignite self discovery, turn insights into action and connect strategic thinking to daily activities.              

Trained in phenomenology, ontological studies and transformational coaching, she is not only an Executive Coach but also a lead trainer at the Executive Institute for Coaching. Her ability to leverage curiosity, create bold action and adapt quickly to change are assets navigating rapidly changing environments. She shows up ready to work, inviting clients to be courageous and define the next necessary steps to create new decisive action. 

Before developing her coaching practice, Roberta was an International Video Director and Editor leading teams in places like Africa, Haiti and Ecuador creating powerful content and mobilizing action. 

Her creativity, listening skills and leadership over the last decade allowed her to work with clients in Africa, Europe, North and South America as well as Australia. Her clients have included business owners, medical professionals, high performing sales directors, actors, actresses, leaders in both ministry and in public office; eager to take new ground.


Are you...

  • willing to experiment with new ideas? 

  • up for some courageous feedback that will expose your blind spots? 

  • ready to step into unimagined, unfamiliar territories that may be uncomfortable? 

  • serious about developing your Leadership skills? 

  • being generous with your time to equip and impact others? 

  • longing to create a dream that you haven’t told anyone in years?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, let’s get to work. Coaching is designed to maximize strengths, break through challenges, and transform reality. We will create stabilizing muscles that allow you to navigate disruption and rapid change with energy and confidence.


Go to the Next Level

I work with individuals and teams in One-on-One and Group Coaching sessions as well as facilitating Workshops and Trainings.


We explore how you can create extraordinary results and unpack powerful principles working in real time with the challenges and goals you or your team is facing.


Designed to jump start new results and develop your culture. These interactive experiences create opportunities for your team to expand their definition of possible.


When you are looking to set the underlying tone or summarize the core message or most important revelation of your event, I come in to set that table or land that plane. 

The Value of Coaching

Roberta gave me the tools for self-empowerment, armed me with awareness, and asked me questions that forced me to dig deep.


Insights & Strageties

Weekly resources for leaders to help you unlock potential, create clarity, and remove obstacles that get in the way of your success and satisfaction.


Standing With You

Set up a 30-minute complimentary strategy session to amplify your confidence and discover what motivates you.

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