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Positioned for Mindfulness

Beginning in MARCH 15 - Cohorts Offered

Tuesdays:         7am  -  8:15am EST

Tuesdays:        10am - 11:15am EST

Wednesdays: 12pm  -  1:15pm EST

This course incorporates more than just learning.

It's a roadmap to transformation and incorporates your mindfulness and your actions. When fully engaged this training can transform your life.

Additionally each of the 12-week classes include a 25-minute yoga or fitness routine, designed to build community help you break up your day, inspire movement and create momentum toward a more healthy life-style

Create and Sustain A Powerful Foundation



Part one of the three-part webinar series, Reducing Your Stress While Increasing Your Satisfaction, where we will look at how to maintain and increase your personal wellbeing during challenging and disruptive circumstances.

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